Statement from SIS

“Supervisors In Solidarity” are a group of concerned members that banded together to put out the truth to our fellow Brothers & Sisters. We are not here to cause a divide in our Union nor are we affiliated with any other grass roots group. We will continue to put out the truth to our Brothers & Sisters.

Top Three Officers

“Supervisors In Solidarity” announces their top three officers and the whole SIS team.

Contract Updates

On October 1, 2014, our union advised the executive board that there is a proposed contract. This proposed contract will be extended for 5 years & 2 months with pay raises : 1%, 1%, 2%, 2%, 2%. As you can see this is no more than a carbon copy of the TWU contract. Also, the 2 months is a 0% raise. When will the SSSA take the lead role in contract negotiating? When will the SSSA set the bargaining pattern? When will supervisors get the respect we deserve? It’s time for change. Lets take back our union.
***”Vote Supervisors In Solidarity (SIS)”***

These are the tax returns that were submitted by the SSSA for tax years 2009, 2010 and 2011.. See how much our Union officers are making, while we wait for our raises. Download the complete reports below.

SSSA 2009 Taxes
SSSA 2010 Taxes
SSSA 2011 Taxes



Ballots for the Union Election are being mailed out on: Monday November 3, 2014. If you do not receive your ballot by November 10th, call the (AAA) American Arbitrators Association special hot line for a replacement ballot: 1-800-529-5218